Democracy And The Government System Essay

Democracy And The Government System Essay

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For many people, the discussion of democracy or politics is very personal to each individuals taught and developed view point from their early stages in life in elementary school until their adulthood upon which their view becomes their own personal view point on the various aspects of American government. In doing this project, it was interesting to be able to gather the interviewee’s deepest and true thoughts on the Government System in which they live and have to abide by. It is amazing to me at how so many people can have such diverse opinions and view points on how Democracy and the Government is the best there is, hasn’t changed, need to change or is not going to change for the betterment of the people.
The United States is not a direct democracy, in the sense of a country in which laws and other government decisions are made predominantly by majority vote. Some lawmaking is done on the state and local levels, but it’s only performed in this fashion in a small percentage of all lawmaking. But we are a representative democracy, which is a form of democracy.
James Wilson, one of the main drafters of the Constitution and one of the first Supreme Court Justices, defended the Constitution by stating that in a democracy the sovereign power is “inherent in the people, and is either exercised by themselves or by their representatives.” And Chief Justice John Marshall — who helped lead the fight in the 1788 Virginia Convention for ratifying the U.S. Constitution defended the Constitution in the convention by describing it as implementing “democracy” (as opposed to “despotism”). In addition to being a representative democracy, the United States is also a Constitutional democracy.
Also, to further the point, two of my candida...

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...have the ability to remove Senators, members of the House of Representatives, and state officials.
“The strength is that hopefully everyone feels invested in the process that they have a say that, even though they might not like particular law makers or particular laws at least they know that they been elected in a fair process and there is a fair way to change what they didn’t like. The pitfalls and downfalls is it’s a process it takes more time than say a totalitarian regime where one head of state who calls the shots for everything – maybe more effective in terms of timing, but it certainly serves to alienate the people and overwhelmingly corrupt nature of that type of government is terrible. So, even though the democratic process may get bogged down in bureaucracy, red tape and time delays at least ultimately the outcome is much more fair than otherwise.” RMM

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