Essay on Democracy And Communism : A System Of Government

Essay on Democracy And Communism : A System Of Government

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Democracy and Communism are based on two different political systems, in how these countries that have this form of government should be govern. Communism, a theory created by Karl Marx where capital and business is control by government, to get rid of economic inequality. The objective of this political system is to have a nation that leaves out class structure and money. Communism is intended to not be a divided nation that is free from ruthlessness and famine. Where the government controls all mean of production and profits. There are different forms of Communist government, which involve Stalinism, Marxism, Trotskyism, Leninism, Titoism, euro communism, and Maoism. Communist nations that will be discussed in this paper is Soviet Union, China, North Korea, and Vietnam.
Democracy, is a system of government that respects individual rights to own property and capital. This form of government gives equal rights to all the citizens of the nations. Where there is no social control on the basic rights of a citizen. Where you have your rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to bare arms and more. In a Democratic nation such as America, the citizens earn their profits based off their wage and salary in their own job. Where citizens who have better connections have an easier time in finding work then those who don’t. Throughout this essay it will be discussed if communist nations can have democratic elements, there will be comparisons between different communist nations and America. How the citizens of a communist and democratic country are affected. Also the start of some of these governments and the different government functions.
In Eastern Europe one of the first nations to become communist was Russia, in Russia ...

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... economy.” (Webb 10) Eventually North Korea started a surprise attack on South Korea, where they used “heavy artillery concentration to facilitate movement of their ground forces southward on three primary routes”. (Web 11) The Untied Stated involved them selves again to make sure the the North does not gain control of the South under one Communist Rule. They ensured that there were permanent military stationed in South Korea to help aid if they North decides to try and take the South again. The U.S also gives guaranteed support to the government incase of another attack and finical aid to the nation. Ultimately the U.S began withdrawing their soldiers in due time, but let North Korea and China know that if they try to take over the south again the U.S will use atomic weapons against them. Where even today North Korea and South Korea are divided at the 38th parallel.

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