Democracy : A Democratic Nation Essay

Democracy : A Democratic Nation Essay

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The term democracy plays a huge role in our society and the way it functions. While reading this paper one may be curious as to what a democracy is. A democracy is a system in which the people make decisions as a whole. Without democracy our nation would be in a bigger mess than it is now. Along with focusing on being a democratic nation we must also focus on our freedoms and the “American Dream.”
It is good that our nation focuses on democracy. I am almost certain that it is hard to get everyone to agree on the same thing. President Barack Obama stated in his speech on Commencement Address at Harvard University, “democracy requires compromise, even when you are 100 percent right.” I know for myself that it can be hard trying to compromise knowing that I am right about the situation. Sometimes one must put their pride aside and do what needs to be done for everyone as a whole.
When looking at the word “freedom” which word stands out the most? The word “free” that is correct. Being free has different meanings to all of us. I have been told the greatest things in life are free. Freedom is a privilege that we did not have to receive. It is expanded as far as freedom of speech, religion, and the list goes on. After a while one may begin to wonder if they are truly free. Race plays a huge role in freedom as well.
There was a time when White Americans were free to do things that Black Americans could not. Take the Jim Crow Laws into consideration. White Americans were free to eat where they pleased. Black Americans had to eat in different restaurants. White Americans were free to say rude things to Black Americans and the Black Americans were not supposed to respond out of respect for the White American. White Americans had power ov...

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...n straight forward with us since day one. I guess Americans like it when people lie to them. Donald Trump just might be the best president America has ever had.
Freedoms for Black Americans have expanded. Black Americans are no longer bound to slavery. The freedoms of immigrants have expanded also. They no longer have to live in corrupt areas. They can come here to the “promised land” and work and be paid more than they would receive back in their home land. The freedoms of immigrants have slightly declined in sense of dressing and religion. The freedoms of White Americans have expanded as well.
The “American Dream” is something we all look forward to. Sadly not all of us are able to fulfil this dream. The “American Dream” is not what it used to be but, if we would work together we could change things. If we do not fight for democracy the nation will lose its soul.

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