Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Treatments Essay

Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Treatments Essay

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Immunotherapy is defined as the “treatment of disease by inducing, enhancing, or suppressing an immune response” ( 2009). Immunotherapies are divided into two categories: activation immunotherapies and suppression immunotherapies.
Immunotherapy is currently being tested on humans for its effects on Cancer, various allergies, and Alzheimer's Disease. Human testing began in 2013 and is still not widely used, although studies suggest that early treatment may have more significant positive results. (, n.d., paragraph 1 and 2)
Activation immunotherapies is the form of immunotherapy most often used for the treatment of Cancer by prompting the subjects immune system to destroy tumor cells. This process is done by utilizing specific live bacteria as an injected agent, or topically with an immune enhancement cream. These two methods act similarly in that they prompt the body's own T-cells to attack unwanted tumors from within. Among activation immunotherapies are Dendritic cell based immunotherapy, and T cell based adoptive immunotherapy.
Suppression immunotherapies are used regularly for allergy relief and to aid in the acceptance of new tissue when an organ transplant takes place. Immune suppression works by causing the body to release fewer antibodies to fight off a recognized foreign contaminant. This form of immunotherapy is proved to work best and with fewer side effects if the patient begins treatment early.
Passive anti-amyloid immunotherapy, which falls into the suppression immunotherapy category, is being used as a relatively new form of treatment for Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.
Alzheimer's patients suffer from memory loss and other disabilities ...

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