Essay on The Demand For Nurses

Essay on The Demand For Nurses

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The demand for nurses, as well as the art of nursing, will always be a major topic when it comes to health care reform, trends, and advancement. Our field is always evolving for the betterment of our patients. Therefore, it is only logical that nurses evolve to keep up with their ever changing environment. Nurses are a vital component to the health care system and work hand in hand with physicians and other healthcare providers. Therefore, having nurses educated at higher levels, working to the fullest extent of their license, and taking on leadership roles are current trends to promote the betterment of the patients as well as make the transition from school to the work field seamless. (IOM, 2011)
Upon beginning my nursing program every one of my instructors stated, at one point or another, that nursing would encompass life-long learning. Many took, even I, this to mean learning about a new medicine, new procedure, or task not actual education. However, today’s organizations are requiring more and more of their nurses to be educated at a BSN level or higher to maintain a certain level of care. One of the key messages in the The Institute of Medicine’s report regarding transforming education states, “Nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression” (IOM, 2011). The healthcare field is ever changing and requiring more and more from nurses, as they are an integral part of the healthcare system. So, in order for nurses to evolve their education has to as well. For this to be accomplished ever organization associated with becoming a nurse has to be on board with the trend of promoting education and preventing barriers from such edu...

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...age professional nurses to practice fully, achieve higher levels of education, become full partners in providing and reforming health care, and develop an infrastructure for workforce data collection (IOM, 2011). This influential report provides the discipline of nursing with an exciting and historic opportunity to transform health care systems using the expertise and power of nurses and nursing (Shekleton, 2012) in calling for broad changes in the nursing profession for the benefit of society and patients, the ultimate recipients of these transformations (Thibault, 2011). While hierarchy may be tough to overcome, all evidence points to nurses being at the forefront of healthcare. With continued education, the ability to work inside our scope of practice to the fullest, and advancement in leadership, Nurses are at the forefront of the transformed healthcare system.

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