Essay on Demand for Nurses on the Rise

Essay on Demand for Nurses on the Rise

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts the demand for nursing personnel to greatly increase between 2014 and 2020. With an expected rise in patient population and a large departure of nurses who have reached the age of retirement, the demand for nursing talent is predicted to increase drastically. This limited amount of staffing has opened the doors for entry level nurses world-wide. Employers invite newly graduated nurses to join their staff regardless of whether or not they have earned a bachelor’s degree (BSN) or an associate degree in nursing (ADN). With this comes great controversy related to a growing concern of whether or not an associate’s degree is sufficient enough to become a Registered Nurse.
In 1924, Yale University offered the first ever nursing program whose graduates received a baccalaureate degree upon completion. This brought forward several other BSN programs and opened doors for opportunity nationwide. It wasn’t until the late 1950’s that we began to see a different trend in nursing rise in response to social, political and educational changes related to the growing shortage of nurses. With the effects of World War II, it required nurses to become prepared in a much shorter time bringing forth the Associate’s Degree of Nursing. Following the war the country rapidly acquired federal funding for community colleges nationwide. As the number of community colleges grew and the need for nurses increased, ADN programs became a logical program of choice. Although both of these degrees are respected within the profession, times are changing and ADN programs are beginning to slowly fade out. Either way, the question at hand is whether or not a two or four year degree is more superior to the other.
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...lic health. These public health nurses are responsible for educating communities on health issues. As time progresses, standards are rising within nursing and eventually the goal is to change over to BSN degree programs by the year 2020. Keeping this in mind may help you decide your next step in becoming a nurse or in furthering your existing nursing degree.
While there are many factors that can affect ones decision process when deciding the degree program that is best for them, it is important to fully understand all the options available to you. Salaries, tuition, time and growth within the field all play a large role in this decision process. Whether you choose to get your ADN or BSN, care for the patient should never change. Compassionate, evidenced-based care that follows the standards of care should always be the delivered, regardless of your credentials.

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