The Demand for 3D Movies Essay

The Demand for 3D Movies Essay

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which would fully profile the opportunity for more 3D movies, Cinema Consulting Group chose to interview participants by a convenience sample. We chose a convenience sample so we could have a broad dynamic of participants who would be easy to interview. The participants were moviegoers who have had experience in watching 3D movies. We reached the participants by reaching out to people who were close to us: friends, co-workers, significant others and roommates. By interviewing those close to us, we knew we would get honest and frank answers.
Sony is a dominant company in the movie industry. Since it has such power in the field, it is time for Sony to seize the opportunity that is 3D movies. 3D is a great opportunity for Sony to take part in for multiple reasons: moviegoer interest, high box office return, and hard to pirate. Sony Pictures, the subdivision of Sony that is focused on movies is doing very well financially.” Sony Pictures…became the third major movie and television studio to report increased revenue and operating income for the quarter ended Dec. 31” (Fritz, 2010) The amount of revenue for Sony Pictures “grew 25% to $2.2 billion.”(Fritz, 2010) With this increase in revenue, Sony has the financials to invest in developing 3D movies, which are more expensive than its 2D counterpart.

There is a definite opportunity for 3D in the movie industry. 3D movies are different because it makes the movie-going experience more life like. In 2009, there was an influx of 3D movies. As CEO Sir Howard Stringer said, “It’s gathering momentum because it startles you. It’s better than you remember.” (CBS) This momentum is the driving force towards the development of more 3D movies. People are coming out to see movies more and more and ...

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.... Before surveys were done, we believed that consumers would be love for all movies to be in 3D. We found though that instead it would be preferred if 3D stuck to only a few genres such as animation, action and Sci-Fi/fantasy. Sony should increase the amount of films from this genre into 3D. People are willing to spend a few more dollars on a movie ticket if it is 3D. However, the idea of converting archived movies from 2D into 3D at this current time does not seem to be a good idea. Instead, we propose to wait and see if the market takes to 3D televisions and blu-ray players. If these are deemed a success, a trial of some movies being converted into 3D is recommended. The bottom line of our results is that Sony has a great opportunity to produce more 3D movies in specific genres. The market is interested by the concept and would be willing to spend more to get more.

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