Delphinus: A Constellation

Delphinus: A Constellation

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While looking in the sky at night, you try to point out the different constellation you see. Most people know the major constellations, but many do not know about the constellation Delphinus. There are many scientific and literary explanations for the constellation Delphinus.
There are two known myths about delphinus. The first is about Arion. Arion was a known poet and musician. He was born on the island of Lesbos. He was known for playing the lyre. This made him famous during the seventh century B.C. He was sailing his way back to Greece after he was touring in southern Italy. During his sail, two sailors planned to steal all the money Arion had made and to kill him. As Arion sang one final song, a group of dolphins swam along the boat. As Arion saw this, he jumped off the boat. For the remainder of the trip, the dolphin transported Arion back to Greece. Arion himself had the sailors condemned to death for trying to steal his money. In the myth, the dolphin is placed next to the lyre and the lyre signifies Arion’s lyre. The dolphin was placed in the sky by Apollo. In the second myth, the dolphin represents the messenger of Poseidon. Amphitrite resisted the Sea God’s advanced and hid among her sisters. Poseidon commanded his messengers to go and find Amphrite and bring her back to the Sea God, among a dolphin. The dolphin found Amphrite and returd ger to the Sea God. The Sea God and Amphrite soon got married. The dolphin is now placed in the sky because Poseidon wanted to honor the dolphin.
Delphinus was discovered in the second century by astronomer Ptolemy.
In the constellation Delphinus, there are five known stars. The names of the stars are Sualocin (Alpha Delphini), Rotanev (Beta Delphini), Gamma Delpini, Delta Delphini, and Deneb al Dulfim (Epislon Delphini). Dualocin is the brightest star in the constellation. It has a combined appearent magnitude of 3.77. Sualocin is star type B. Its color is blue-ish white and has a surface temperature of 11,000 degrees Kelvin.
The best season to see Delphinus is autumn, especially August to September. The best time of night is around ten o’clock.
Delphinus lies at 21 longitude hours and the latitude is 90º, -70º.

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Delphinus is located between the neighbouring constellation of Cygnus, the swan, and Aquila, the eagle. Delphinus also lies near the celestial equator. The constellation is 69th in size, which occupies 189 square degrees. The nickname for Delphinus is, “The Dolphin”. The design in which the stars outline the constellation forms a dolphin. Delphinus belongs to the Heavenly Waters family of constellations.
The edge of the Milky Way Galaxy is home to the constellation Delphinus. It is also located in the northern sky, also known as the northern hemisphere.
The constellation Delphinus holds together four known objects. These objects are NGC 6934 (Cadwell 47), NGC 6891, Blue Flash Nebula- NGC 6905, and the NGC 7006 (Cadwell 42). The object NGC 6934 is located near the star Epsilon Delphini. It has 50,000 light years in distant, and the visual magnitude is 8.83. NGC 6981 is a planetart nevula. Its visual magnitude is 10.5. The Blue Flash Nebula is also a planetary nebula. It is a blue-ish color. This object can be observed in a six inch telescope. The NGC 7006 object is a global star cluster. It lays approximately 137,000 light years away from the milky way galaxy. It has a visual magnitude of 10.6.
A special feature within the constellation Delphinus is the star Sualocin. This star is a multiple star which consists of seven parts; A and G which are a physical pair and B, C, D, E, F which are optical binaries.

Interesting facts of the constellation Delphinus are the star Rotanev spells the name Nicolaus Venatour backwards, which means “the hunter”. Delphinus was once called “Job’s Coffin”, from its elongated box-like shape. Delphinus was also a familiar sight to Greek sailors.
Thought Delphinus is one of the smallest constellations in the Milky Way Galaxy, it holds many facts to it. The first myth of Delphinus shows people how to be a hero in a place of opposition. The constellation Delphinus proves that there are many literary and scientific explanations that come with it.

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