Delivery Ups, The Worlds Largest Delivery Company For Packages Essay

Delivery Ups, The Worlds Largest Delivery Company For Packages Essay

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Poor Delivery-UPS
UPS, United Parcel Service, is the worlds largest delivery company for packages. There is a lot of logistics and supply chain management that goes into the day-to-day functions of UPS that one would not normally think of. I personally did not. However when I had a poor experience with UPS recently and found myself in the actual UPS store wanting to pull my hair out because of how not implementing technology could hurt a business.
I realized just how complicated the delivery process is for them. I was waiting to receive a very important package, one that I absolutely had to have that day and it needed to be signed for, so I could not leave the house in case it would be delivered. I waited for eight hours for my package, calling twice to see if I could get an estimated delivery time. The women on the other end of the line told me that she was unable to do that. By the end of the day I did not have my package and the trucks were all back in from delivery. I went to the UPS warehouse store, located here in Kearney to get my package.
When I told the women working my name and package, explaining the size it most likely was and other helpful information she then went to look for it. She had to go through each package in the warehouse one by one to find it. There was no barcode to locate it or any sort of technology assistance. Technology is something that is now a tool that customers expect the business they are dealing with to utilize. Most people think that it automatically makes jobs easier. Technology in the service industry comes with many pros and cons. Kearney’s UPS store could benefit from plugging into the information age.
Implementing technology
“The most significant force in thi...

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...emembered when adding technology. It is still important to interact with the customer. But by showing that they are implementing new ways to improve the service experience they are providing it reassure the customer that their package is in good hands and not going to be lost along the way.


Technology does not always make a business better if not used correctly. From my experience with the Kearney UPS store though it appeared no technology was being used at all. By adding the technology of a bar code scanner and computer programs that assist with basic function a delivery business has they can improve their service quality. If they had these tools when I had went in to locate my package then the process would have been more efficient and happier for me. There will be challenges along the way for UPS but none that are too big to overcome.

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