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Delivering Care for Patients Essay

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This essay is a descriptive account of my experience caring for a patient with a variety of needs. The patient I will identify has the following chronic illness of schizophrenia, dementia, physical disability, poor hygiene. Therefore, please note that the patient conditions will be evaluated throughout. Because of confidentiality, I will abide by the Code of Professional Conduct (2008). As a registered nurse, you must respect people's right to confidentiality. I will refer my patient as Patient A.

I have been assigned to work with a patient who has been admitted to an acute psychic ward. On supervision i was allocate to work with patient A, following from her conditions it is observed that patient A refuses to engage with others. She is a 68 year old elderly woman who suffers from advanced dementia having short term memory loss which she is unable to recall recent events leaving her in a confused and aggressive state. Due to her mental state, she has problems attending her personal hygiene and making it difficult to bath, wash, dressing or eating independently. With assistance she is provided with a Zimmer frame to encourage her walking. The reason is because she has sore on both legs making it difficult to gain balance on her own. With a long history of schizopherina, she refuses to comply with medication when given daily of fluxoetine 10mg to help with her mood disorder. Overall, patient a is reserved and does not involve herself with other members on the ward or activities with CPN and prefers staying in her room because its her comfort zone of security. Regular meetings are held with patient A and her health professionals to assess her needs in order for progression.

When delivering care for patients, the main factor w...

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...term mental illness are likely to experienced difficulties in establishing and maintain personal relationship, often result in poor networks of support and social inclusion. Therefore with supervision, I felt that Patient A needed comfort because of her distressing events due to her illness. All professionals visited her regularly to ensure that she understood her condition and ways in which to improve her status.

felt that I could not do much as it was difficult to engage with patient A because of her aggression towards me, but I was confident that all professionals were taken account of her needs in the ward. According to NMC code of conduct (2008), the nurse must support people in caring for themselves to improve and maintain their health. The result of this will affect not only patient A but the staff team and I to deliver care to her.

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