Essay about Deliverance of Poetic Justice in Vyasa's Mahabharata

Essay about Deliverance of Poetic Justice in Vyasa's Mahabharata

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Translations have always been of paramount importance since the acceptance of history, archaeology and fields alike as individual subjects. The subjects that work in the present trying to unravel the mysterious happenings of the past often need to go through the literature of the era concerned as literature always has been the true mirror to society. The literature of any civilization is a transcriber of the happenings and experiences of contemporary people into the word written on the parchment. These written words provide an authentic source for deducing and extrapolating the “would have happened” happenings of the years bygone.
Translations are not limited to the above mentioned usage only. In the present world when international diplomatic communication happens to be the most vital part of all external affairs the importance of translations only becomes more visible. National leaders often require to voice the issues of their represented country in foreign lands and the communication of the exact idea without the aid of translation is impossible and without may lead to catastrophic results. Affairs of tourism, international news exchange, and global citizenship are some other fields that are very much important for the smooth functioning of the established society and translations make them easier and truer only.
Though the presence and importance of translations are widely ranged but we shall be restricting the focus on the importance of translations of old texts into contemporary literature. As it has been already mentioned, literature of an era does the errand of reflecting the achievement, struggle and experience of the inhabitants of the era and therefore it makes their translation a vital job for knowin...

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...ists and the resulting consequences.

5. Conclusion – The conclusion drawn, lessons learnt and morale to be imparted for public welfare.


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