Deliver Us From Evil Symbolism Analysis Essay

Deliver Us From Evil Symbolism Analysis Essay

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Kathryn Polk’s prints reference a lot of memories she dealt with throughout her life. As shown in most of her artwork, you can see numerous symbolic images in her compositions. Each symbolic image holds a lot of meaning and importance to her work and vision. There are many events that influence and inspire her art like, music, friends, family, and memories. All of these different aspects of her life helped her develop each prints, expressing her ideas. She also inspires other artists through her unique techniques and skills that make her artwork differ from others. Kathryn Polk lithographs; paintings and drawings are narratives of her personal life experiences.
Kathryn Polk was born in 1952, in Memphis, Tennessee. Where she also studied at the Memphis Art Academy and then attended the University of Memphis, which is also where she found her husband Andrew Polk. They both currently live in Tucson, Arizona where they are both co-owners of L VIS Press, a lithography print studio. When she made it to Arizona, which is mostly populated with Native Americans, she dealt with a split between them because of their different life experiences. Her Native American friends would always tell her that she would never understand their life, because she is not an indigenous woman. Indigenous means, originating naturally into a country or native. She began to get use to hearing that statement and began to understand it and accept it more. Seeing it as only knowing the lifestyle of a non-indigenous woman, in which help creates her whole philosophy for her art (Polk, Lecture).
The simple influence from her friends helped her to start and empower her vision as an artist. Another influence Kathryn has is from music. All her life she dealt with peop...

... middle of paper ...

... great to gain knowledge of. Her lithographs and prints makes you want to try printmaking. Though she just began making these prints in her fifties, it shows how it is never too late to start or create your ideas. Kathryn is truly inspiring and artwork shares her life stories, experiences, and beliefs.

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