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Deletion is a mutation in which a part of the chromosome or the DNA is absent or lost. It may be inherent, or it may be due to improper chromosomal crossing-over during meiosis. This deletion is responsible for the abnormalities in the patient. One of the known disorders seen due to deletion is the Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.
Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (WHS), first described by Wolf et al[1] and Hirschhorn et al[2], results from the hemizygous deletion of the distal short arm of chromosome 4. Due to the complex and unmarked expression of this disorder, the WHS syndrome is presumed to be a contiguous gene syndrome with an indeterminate number of genes responsible for the phenotype i.e. a multigenic etiology. [3][4]
The size of the terminal deletion may vary from a subtle 1.4Mb to a classic 30Mb [5]. Earlier genotype-phenotype correlation studies reveal that the main characteristic feature of WHS - the ‘Greek warrior helmet face’, is caused due to the hemizygosity of the WHSC1 gene located in the WHS critical region (WHSCR).[5] Various other genes are also located in the WHSCR which are responsible for most other phenotypic features. More precisely, the Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome critical region (WHSCR) is located at 4p16.3 region. Approximately 25% of the patients with WHS deletion in this region are not detectable by cytogenetic karyotyping [6]. Hence, FISH has to be performed.
The prevalence of this syndrome is estimated to be 1 in 50,000 births [7] with a female to male ratio of 2:1[8].

Case report:
A baby was born with low birth weight of 1.8 kg to a 36 yr old father and 32 yr old mother. The proposita is the 6th girl child of the non-consanguineous parents. As can be seen from the pedigree chart shown in figure 2, the mothe...

... middle of paper ...

...infant with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome: a dilemma in determination of the optimal timing of delivery. Clinical Medicine: Case reports.
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