Delaying Childbearing: Why it is Important to Have Children While in College

Delaying Childbearing: Why it is Important to Have Children While in College

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Like many other women, I was raised in a family that repetitively told me that I needed to finish school before thinking about getting married, and definitely before having kids. This made sense when I became an adult, why not put all my focus into my schooling. Yet, for me that would mean that I would be in my early thirties when I finished school. This has become the norm for women to marry and have children in there 30s, then in years past, where they were in their early to mid-twenties. After completing my first bachelor’s degree, I got engaged; I was in a perfect place, and I was not going to hold off just so I could finish school. Now that I have been married for two years, successfully working and going to school, starting a family is important to me. If I were to follow what my parents told me, from this day, I would still have to wait 4-5 more years to finish school, and then start that family. Even though having kids in college could keep your from completing a degree, you should have children in college because delaying childbearing could affect fertility and the likelihood of pregnancy complications.
College is perceived as a time for young adults to have fun, and having children before or during college would provide an obstacle of completing a college education. Four million college students have children, which is roughly 25 percent of all enrolled college students (Nelson, Froehner, and Gault 1). Although this is a large number, many students would prefer to focus on themselves. Today women face the dilemma of if they even would want to have children. Focuses on getting a degree, and starting a career is ever so important for many women to create their lives on. Waiting until you are settled in your career puts ...

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...n in school has many problems, as well as advantages. First, the obvious reason is that having kids in college is a financial burden, along with the stresses of maintaining family life with college life. Secondly, many students that do have children while in school, unfortunately, do not finish their degree.

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