Essay about Delayed Parenting

Essay about Delayed Parenting

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Delayed Parenting
Following World War II the Baby Boom generation emerged, this generation had their children young as they had many economic opportunities. Since that period North Americans have had to weather a number of recessions, the most recent one being in 2008-2009. The age at which couples have their first child has increased and this is due to people wanting to advance their education, launch careers, and having financial security.
Delayed parenting in North America in the millennium is allowing parents to give their children social and economic opportunities that are not available to young parents.
Delayed parenting is a reality that young adults are putting their careers and financial gains over having children. According to the government data, in Canada the average age in which a woman becomes a first time mother is 29.4 years old. This figure has increased over the last 3 decades. Also more than 50% of mothers were over the age of 30 when they gave birth in 2009. The main reasons why women today in North America delay having children is because they are requiring more education and staying in school longer, secondly raising children has financial expenses associated with it and couples want to have financial security before they decide to have children. Thirdly the global economy is unstable and parents want to be able to offer their children social economic security before taking the leap into parenthood ("Indicators of Well-being in Canada ").
Is there an ideal time to be a mother or father, with technology there has been a lot of enhancing and controlling fertility. Women can use contraception such as pills to avoid becoming pregnant, also if couples have difficulties conceiving they turn to techniq...

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