Dehumanization : A History Of Dehumanization Essay example

Dehumanization : A History Of Dehumanization Essay example

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A History of Dehumanization
What more is the point of learning and understanding human history than obtaining the knowledge and structure between what is right and what is wrong? We continuously believe that we as humans have the ability and intellect to learn from the lessons taught in our past in order to enrich our future. In comparison to the time frame that is human history the one hundred year period of time we discussed in the second halve of this semester is nothing but a slight blimp on the map that we have traversed. Yet, throughout our recent readings we can easily assimilate into the idea that although time may pass, and that we may attempt to learn from our history it is simply in human nature to repeat the mistakes that we have continuously committed since the beginning of time. This cannot be seen more prevalently than in the unnatural human practice of dehumanizing cultures, religions, ethnic groups, and sexes. We historically have never learned from the actions of those who preceded us and continue to use the process of dehumanization as a tool in order to advance our political and socio-economical agendas.
Amidst the span of several feminist movements there was a heavily held prejudice against not only the women pressing for reform, but for all women entirely throughout Europe. Rebecca West shows the distain and dehumanizing beliefs that were held towards women of this generation when she states “A woman, according to the Capitalist, is an air-bubble blown between earth and sky, with no human ties of any sort” (West 326). A few years in the future from West’s writing, Virginia Woolf also tackles the ideals of oppression towards women. She breaches out into various different subjects and discusses the various d...

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...s. We have been given a multitude of chances to take the lessons of our ancestors in stride and better ourselves from their experiences, but instead we choose to neglect our lessons and relapse into a society fueled by hatred. The act of dehumanization has been an ongoing reoccurrence throughout our tarnished history. It may change, and evolve into new levels of hatred. It has no bias; it will choose its victims between race, sex, social levels and many other faucets that most of us are born into. In short, the historical lessons of this course have taught me that if we wish to provide a better future for not only our generation but also the generations that are to follow us, then we must change the way that we treat others who are different than us. The best way we can achieve this goal is to learn from the lessons that have been so prevalent throughout our history.

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