Degree Of Science For Nursing And Associate 's Degree Essays

Degree Of Science For Nursing And Associate 's Degree Essays

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Bachelors of Science in nursing and Associate’s Degree Nursing both lead to RN, however, there are many differences. Associate degree education opened nursing education to abroad student population the existence of three entry level educational programs diploma, associate and baccalaureate degree all leading to registered nurse licensure. Associate degree nursing is trained mostly on clinical skills and it can be community based setting of 2 years program. Associate degree program takes only two years to achieve and has a reduced tuition fee compared to Baccalaureate nursing program. Associate degree nursing program requires proficiency in college level English, Mathematics and core course include two levels of anatomy and labs, nursing fundamentals and concepts, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Psychology and mental health, cultural awareness, pediatric nursing, adult medical and surgical, one year of supervised clinical field practice. BSN is more extensive core nursing classes. It also more depth BSN program training focuses on leadership, nursing research, management as well as clinical skills. Baccalaureate nursing programs have additional classes in humanities, the sciences, expanded nursing coursework, and community health nursing. Baccalaureate nursing program takes at least four years to accomplish which is 2 more years compared to the Associate degree program. The baccalaureate program also has a higher tuition cost than the associate degree nursing. BSN program have more opportunities to advance to higher positions in nursing and can enter advanced degree program like nurse midwife or nurse anesthetist. BSN nurse does have potential to earn more money compare to ADN nurse. Refereance:

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...nd 12% lower odds of failure-to-rescue compared with patients cared for in non-Magnet hospitals”. The study authors conclude that these better outcomes were attributed in large part to investments in highly qualified and educated nurses, including a higher proportion of baccalaureate prepared nurses. ”In the January 2007 Journal of Advanced Nursing, a study of 46,993 patients conducted by researchers at the University Toronto found that hospitals with higher proportions of baccalaureate prepared nurses tended to have lower 30-day mortality rates. The findings indicated that a 10% increase in the proportion of baccalaureate prepared nurses was associated with 9 fewer deaths for every 1,000 discharged patients”.
For more information on the link between nursing education and patient outcomes, see

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