Essay about The Degradation Of The Environment

Essay about The Degradation Of The Environment

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One of the most compelling problems we face today is the degradation of the Environment. Though nature does contribute to the degradation of the environment through natural disasters and wildfires, the most apparent and controllable contribution of harmful acts to the environment are humans. Some factors that cause this degradation are overpopulation, pollution, deforestation, human interference, and government corruption, landfills and land disturbance. These then go on to affect loss of biodiversity, impact on human health, ozone layer depletion and of course loss of tourism industry.
Growing up I was able to go farming with my grandmother and as I walked through the pastures of green leaved trees, I enjoyed the kind breeze that kissed my cheeks from the gentle lips of Mother Nature. I remember my friends and I would go to the clear spring fresh water to fetch water to drink and to bathe with. Crops were plentiful and harvest period were the happiest times in the village. Fast word, fifteen years later, many parts of the traditional land of southeastern Nigeria has slowly started to fall apart due to natural and man made environmental problems. Some of these problems might not be apparent to the naked eye, but even so, such problems as land sliding, soil lost and of cause man made oil spills do exist. Some of the farm lands are no longer useful and cannot maintain crops, and the water that was spring time fresh, is now littered with oil residue, caused by continuous oil spill; some caused by uneducated saboteurs, and some caused by faulty oil company pipelines.
An environment is defined as a unique unit that incorporates all the living and non living components that live inside it and it also include the streams, lakes and o...

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...population, and lack of government involvement? Or do we want to safe guard and protect the environment for the future generation by starting to do what is right to help keep the environment healthy, so that all living things on earth can grow and thrive. We humans are the architect of our improvement or our destruction. If we choose to consider and start keeping the environment clean by finding alternative means to consolidate waste, building houses and try to decrease the emission of harmful gases like methane, CO2 and of course Nitrogen gas, then we would be starting to create a beautiful future surrounded by clean environment. This Planet is the only home we have so far, and if we don’t take care of the environment that govern it, we might end up losing our home. So lets think green and try our best to be good earth citizens by taking care of the environment.

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