Deforestation And Oceanic Pollution By Nathan Levi Essay

Deforestation And Oceanic Pollution By Nathan Levi Essay

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Deforestation and Oceanic Pollution
Nathan Levi
Canterbury School of Florida

Deforestation and Oceanic Pollution is occurring all over the world. Both of these processes have a huge impact on the natural balance of photosynthesis and cellular reparation, which controls the cycling of carbon.

(Deforestation, 2015). “Deforestation is the process of cutting down trees in a forest and using them for human needs. In the early 21st century, deforestation was one of the largest global issues in land use. The removal of tree is mostly used for wood products and for croplands. All the trees are removed from the land, during the practice of clear-cutting. Another practice is called the slash-and-burn agriculture, farmer’s burn forests in order to clear them; this gets the crops fertilized from the ashes. Deforestation has effects on the controlling of carbon in the biosphere.” (Water Pollution, 2015). “Another problem that effects the controlling of carbon is Oceanic Pollution. Oceanic Pollution is the releasing of substances into the ocean. Oceans can be polluted with a variety of stuff including organic waste, plant nutrients, pathogenic microorganisms, toxic chemicals, sediments, heat, oil and radioactive substances.”

(Photosynthesis 2015). Photosynthesis is the process in which green plants and other organisms turn light energy into chemical energy. When green plants use photosynthesis, light energy is taken and used to convert water, carbon dioxide, and different minerals into oxygen and rich energy compounds. During photosynthesis six carbon dioxides and twelve waters are used to turn the light taken in from the green plants into the chemical energy of glucose, si...

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... the oil entraps them. Also oil is extremely hard to clean up out of water, this is why it lasts for years. Oil mining can also be a big cause to oceanic pollution. Ocean mines drill for gold, silver, copper and other minerals. This can cause damage to the lowest levels of the ocean and can increase the toxicity of the region. This method can also contribute with the leaking cause, sometimes there is oil spilling’s that happening while drilling. The final and last one that causes oceanic pollution is littering. Just like oil spills, this can be a huge part to pollution. Littering is when an object is blown away by the wind and ends up landing in the ocean, also because of humans making poor decisions in throwing trash into the ocean. Most of littering is plastic debris, plastic can be really bad for animals, if they mistake it for food or if it gets stuck onto them.

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