Essay on Definitions Of The Word Family

Essay on Definitions Of The Word Family

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Definitions of Family

The Family is one of the most influential and sacred social groups we belong to as we grow up and become part of society. It is the place where we learn most of our values and find a belonging. Without our families we would not be the same people we grow up to become. Throughout history, the word family has carried many different meanings. Most people think of a family as a mother, father, and several children, but a family could be almost any group with common characteristics. All of the many different types of families are very important to society as well as the individual as they mature and find a place in life.
There are several different definitions of the word family in the dictionary. The first definition in the dictionary is, “kindred, especially one’s own spouse, parents, and children”. This definition goes along with the common perception of the traditional family. According to Plumb, the traditional family has in the past served three primary social functions: providing a labor force, the transmission of property, and the education of children, preparing them to start their own family. This had created a cycle which allows humanity to carry on. One family’s offspring make there own family and that family’s offspring makes their own family and so on and so forth. The children learn the methods that they will use in their life to create their own families. Without the support of this traditional family society could not work because there is no way a child can live and learn on their own.
Some say this traditional family is dying and perhaps it is. The structure of the traditional family is still the same but the functions of family have changed. With child labor laws coming into play, children are...

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...values and you will not have support to be able to get a quality education and become a responsible adult. You need a family in order to give yourself a future. At least one family is something that everyone needs so they can get a place in the world and have that fulfillment of love nurturing warmth.
Without the experiences we go through in our actual families, and other “extended” families we will most likely be completely different people than we turn out to be. There are many different definitions of what a family is, and none of these are right or wrong. A family is whatever you want it to be. Each individual person has their own ideas of what a family is to them. My family fits the definition of a traditional family but that doesn’t mean a family with a single parent and seven children of three different marriages isn’t just as normal and functional as mine is.

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