Essay on Definitions of and Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

Essay on Definitions of and Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

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One out of every thirteen adults are considered to be an alcoholic or to suffer from drinking problems. Alcoholism is a developmental disease that progresses slowly over a number of years and is based on both the physical and emotional dependency on alcohol. In many cases it leads to brain damage or early death. Alcoholism is a chromic disease, which means that it will last a person’s lifetime. The risk for developing alcoholism is influenced by both a person’s genes and their lifestyle.

Early symptoms of alcoholism includes putting an excessive importance on the availability of alcohol. An alcoholic usually has a high tolerance to alcohol, which means they are able to drink more and show less side effects when compared to another person. Alcohol comes to be more important than personal relationships, family, work and even health. Physical addiction can lead to around the clock drinking to avoid withdrawal symptoms.
Alcohol can have major effects on major organ systems. For example, it can cause ulcers, inflammation of the pancreas, and Cirrhosis of the liver: which is the e...

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