The Definition Of The Borders Of Europe Essay

The Definition Of The Borders Of Europe Essay

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The definition of the borders of Europe is controversial. Indeed, the continent does not exist as a physical unit: it is linked with Asia and constitutes with it a supercontinent called Eurasia. The boundaries of Europe are therefore a convention. Most of the time, they are demarcations between 2 countries, partially or fully controlled, which can be crossed legally in so far as they are inter-states borders in the Schengen area.
However, internal administration borders also exist, delimiting different regions of a state. They are a kind of mental fragmentation from an economic and political decision. Moreover they can be the root of tensions within a country. For instance, in 1941 in the North-West of France, Marshal Petain separated Pays de la Loire and Brittany sweeping 1,200-year of history. Nowadays, the war between these two regions is restarted in so far as the National Assembly adopted an amendment which aims to simplify the process of connecting them.
In Europe, one can analyze the current geopolitical landscape as having multiple faces. The first one shows that European borders are the witnesses of past. They represent traces of war and can be symbols of former tensions. An example of this would be The Iron Curtain which was the symbolic border between Europe, the U.S., and European states under Soviet influence. Some parts of this curtain are still delimiting actual countries in Europe. In this case, borders can be defined as historical constructs. The boundaries can also be a bone of contention between two countries as we saw during the WW2 with Alsace/Lorraine borders between France and Germany. In the same way, borders can involve a desire of expansion which could be seen with Russia when they annexed Crimea in Ukr...

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... all the rights and obligations binding the EU Member States.
Nowadays, the refusal to choose clear boundaries interfered with the European Union. Indeed, this denial involves concerns and favors nationalist attitudes face to many doubts like about the nature of the EU, about its geopolitical strategy, about the extension of internal migration flows, or still about the security in the EU with opened borders giving freedom to terrorists to prepare their attacks. Taking into account these different geopolitical elements, we would better working together for the common good of the European people. However, we can predict that the Schengen area without border will be questioned in so far as European borders will not stop evolving and will probably be more important in years to come in order to solve the immigration issue which is the current European bone of contention.

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