Essay about The Definition of Success and How to Be Successful

Essay about The Definition of Success and How to Be Successful

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“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome”, Booker T. Washington, spoke that success is not measured in the riches and status of a person, but by the hard work and commitment they made to reach their goals while conquering challenges along the way. Washington states a brilliant point, although there are others who would disagree, instead viewing materials as a measurement of success. Since when did success start being acquisitively measured? Modern day society has force fed people- through television, social media, and iconic celebrities- that being successful has all to do with the materialistic items, luxuries, money and fame that a person has. On the contrary success has nothing to do with money and fame, but instead the characteristics it takes-dedication, perseverance, and motivation- to overcome obstacles, achieve personal goals, and find happiness within oneself.

For someone to be successful they must overcome challenges and obstacles they face throughout their journey towards reaching success. Most people have this concept confused by believing that success is determined by the amount of money a person has in the bank, and when a they are faced with an obstacle, that money can simply be thrown into the picture to solve every complication. This concept though lacks the ideas of courage and dedication in facing problems head-on. Money can buy comfort and luxuries, but it can not replace hard work and experience gained through overcoming what life dishes out. For example, Oprah Winfrey is one of the most well-known, iconic, and richest people in the world. She is recognized worldwide as a successful woman for being a millionaire and a celebr...

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...have created the unrealistic idea that money and fame can be used to buy their way through life, leaving them with no goals to achieve; this is not success. Success is about finding motivation and putting it towards a set goal, then with patience and perseverance over time reaching that goal. For example, the hit tv show The Biggest Loser shows the lives of many overweight individuals and their goal to lose weight over a 17 week period. Each contestant on the show is a successful person because they had a set goal in mind and used their knowledge and motivation to achieve it. Although some contestants lost more weight than others,each gave the challenge a try, and stuck it out for as long as they physically could. Instead of using money to buy liposuction or high quality diet pills, they put their heart and soul in a set goal and reached it, making them successful.

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