Definition Of Self Reflection And Insight Scale By Grant Et Al Essay

Definition Of Self Reflection And Insight Scale By Grant Et Al Essay

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Richards et al (2010) surveyed 148 mental health professionals (77% women) with a BA or higher. Different specialties were social work (43.3%), counseling psychology (24.8%), clinical psychology (23.4%), other (7.1%), and general psychology (1.4%). Participants were given a definition of self-care, and referred to as “any activity that one does to feel good about oneself. It can be categorized into four groups which include: physical, psychological, spiritual and support.” Participants were asked to identify on a 7-point Likert scale how often they indulged in these behaviors. Each question was developed independently of all others and inter-item reliability cannot be assessed. For Self-Awareness, a 20 item survey was given. The Self-Reflection and Insight Scale by Grant et al (2002) was used, and had 2 subscales of self-reflection and insight. Cronbach’s alphas of .91 for self-reflection subscales and .87 for insight subscale as well as test-retest reliability of α=.77 on self-reflection subscales and .78 on insight subscales. Mindfulness utilized a 15 item self-report measure The Mindful Attention Awareness Scale by Brown and Ryan (2003). Well-being used a 10 item self-report Schwartz Outcome Scale by Blais et. al. (1999). The Schwartz Outcome Scale showed high convergent validity due to having a significant positive correlation with positive effect, sense of coherence, self-esteem and general satisfaction as well as high discriminant validity and shown by negative correlation with negative affect, hopelessness, fatigue, and psychiatric symptoms. 415 survey packets were mailed out and 148 were returned (35.7%). A Bivariate correlation was conducted on all measures; those with significant results are Self-care frequency wi...

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... and their own helping professional can assist a person in recognizing their own needs related to their physical and psychological health. Taking the time to spend some time alone also seems to be beneficial such as reading a book, meditation, or yoga can help to distance oneself from work stressors and assist a person in placing their needs first. One area that needs more focus is in spirtial support which has been lightly touched on and has limited research. It appears that what is best for burnout is to prevent the fight or flight mode from even starting, it is much easier to fix a leaky faucet when the water is not turned on at full blast. Take preventative measures of getting into practice of meditating daily, or taking a body scan of oneself, reading after a long day of work, and once a routine is built up it should make self-care easier in times of distress.

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