Definition Of Self Assessment Reflection Paper

Definition Of Self Assessment Reflection Paper

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OB221 Self-Assessment Reflection Paper

Charlie Welsh
September 26, 2016

For the past seven years, I have been working across the country as a sailing coach. Whenever I’m coaching, I am always learning different things about both the people and me I am coaching. There are various aspects of coaching all of which stem from a series of traits. To coach sailing one needs to be spontaneous, aggressive, supportive, inspiring, organized but most importantly a leader. From when I first started to my most recent position, I have been in both a line position and manager position. (McCarthy). Organized chaos was the trick to the game in this situation. My job required an extensive amount of planning and research just to prepare for one day. We had daily briefings with our weather team and planned amongst our classes. The way the programs are set up is there is a total of fourteen instructors. Amongst those instructors approximately about two to three are in teams which make each team as part of its own (McCarthy). Over the years, I worked myself from a beginner position to most recently being a head coach of a program where I was in-charge of five coaches who each were responsible for approximately thirty children. All while I was doing this I was learning the values of leadership, the effectiveness of motivation, and how to interact with people.
Growing up in Southern California shaped who I am as a person. I grew up with two incredible sisters, two amazing dogs, and two unbelievable parents. The family is at the heart of all my values but what runs a close second is being an extrovert and embracing every day like it is my last. To say my MBTI profile was correct would be a massive...

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While writing this paper, I was able to understand who I am as a person and how some things have had such a critical impact on my life. Throughout the semester, I will always be working to improve because I have realized what my strengths and weaknesses are. Since everything has been laid out in the course syllabus, I can only see myself succeeding in this course because I know what objectives I have to accomplish. This essay has made me realized what I am fully capable of achieving with both myself and my team and am looking forward to the rest of the semester.

Briggs, Katharine Cook and Isabella Briggs Meyers. Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Test.
Dr. McCarthy, Jack. "OB221: The Dynamics of Leading Organizations & People." OB221
Lecture. Questrom School of Business, Boston University, Boston, MA. Powerpoint.

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