Definition Of Programming Knowledge For A Nutshell Essay

Definition Of Programming Knowledge For A Nutshell Essay

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Rogers Epstein

Programming Knowledge

• Taught himself Java during the summer of 2014. Promptly took AP Computer Science, getting a 5 on the exam and being generally interested in the principles, data structures and algorithms taught in the class.
• Participated in the 2015 WPI High School Programming Contest, scoring a perfect 10/10 and ranking 5th out of the 38 participating teams. This contest tests a group of three’s ability to code 10 difficult input/output programs as fast and accurately as possible.
• Has been continuing to learn more about computer science principles, watching Computerphile videos (a YouTube channel dedicated to computer-related content) and reading “Algorithms in a Nutshell” by George T. Heineman, a book that explains and tests in depth various algorithms and data structures.
• Currently teaching himself Python in order to pass the 6.0001 ASE at MIT.


• Was on Math Team all throughout high school.
• Academic Bowl: selected to be on competing team11th and 12th, participating and doing well in a fair number of general knowledge competitions.
• Robotics Club: Competed at state championship 11th and 12th grade. Was a software programmer for the robot in 12th grade, using RobotC on an NXT.

Math contests
• USAMO: (USA Math Olympiad)
o Junior Year: USAMO Score of 9, tying with 14 students and beating 86 students. A total of 276 students in the country qualified for the USAMO.

• USAJMO: (USA Junior Math Olympiad)
o Sophomore Year: USAJMO score of 7, tying with 21 students and beating 96 students. A total of 235 students in the country qualified for the USAJMO.

o Senior Year: Score of 8, though haven’t heard back officially.
o Junior Year: Score of 11, Math Olympiad: Qualified for next round (U...

... middle of paper ... Team got 5th place on site and 11th in the entire country.
• Moody’s Mega Math Challenge
o Junior Year: In a nationwide competition consisting of teams of up to 5 upperclassmen in high school, teams had to use mathematics to write a paper in order to try to solve a real world problem. Of the 1,200 teams that participated, Rogers’ team was ranked in the top 200.
o Senior Year: Of the 1,200 teams that participated, Rogers’ team was ranked 53rd.

Additional Math Learning

o Selected for 6 week intensive math program at Boston University Summer 2013 that focused on number theory
o Proofs & Theorems classwork and 8 hour daily homework

• Art of Problem Solving: WOOT Olympiad training
o Online Course one night every other week, involving many handouts and practice tests: 11th &12th grade

• Russian School of Mathematics, Newton, MA (4 hrs/week 3rd-10th grade)

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