The Definition of Home

The Definition of Home

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A home, many people spent their whole life in search of his or her home. It has many different definitions to different people. To some people it may be their home country, to some it may be where they were born, to some it may be where their family is. home's most basic trait is its ability to provide shelter from weather. Rain or snow, a house will always be there to shield the elements from the family. In the cold times of the year, the heater will be there to warm the house. The heat of the summer is no problem for a good home. The ideal dwelling definitely must have a dependable central air conditioner. When located in an area abundant with tornadoes and hurricanes, a home must have a safe place. A storm shelter or a basement is an excellent place to hide. But to most people home has more meaning than just dwelling it should be a place where their family is, where they could have family times together.
I remember reading one book about home, the author use a few examples to show what his ideal home was. The author used one multimillionaire as an example, one day the multimillionaire was found by a policeman near his house drunk. The police offer to drive him home, he replied: “Home? I don’t have a home.” When the policeman asks him about his house he said “That’s not my home, that’s just where I live.” According to the author most of multimillionaire’s family has died he lived along all by himself. The author also used another example of a man whose family got drafted apart by a civil war, after 20 years he finally found his daughter, the man instant burst with tears and said, “I’ve finally got a home again.” I believe that home means more than just a place for shelter and for family storage any more. A lot of people are still happy when they are living in cardboard boxes because they are living with the ones who they love and love them back. Without the love the house could not be comfortable at all. Statistics show that the leading cause of suicide among youth and teens are family violence. They often can’t find comfort in both home and school, and can’t find hopes in life.

Home is a term that is used throughout the world as the place where one lives.

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But most people seemed to confuse house with home. A house is the actual building where a person lives, whereas a home is more personal. The dictionary defines the word home as the place in which one's domestic affections are centered. A house is made of mud and bricks but a home is made from love. A home is made of love, sorrow, laughter, excitement, hope, care, atmosphere and feelings of everyone. A home reflects your personality. When a guest enters in the house, he/she comes to know what sort of person you are. A home is a place to rest. There's no place except home which seems like heaven to us.
A definition of home has no correct answer. Each individual's meaning is different. I associate home with feelings of comfort, security, and love. Webster's Dictionary defines home as "a place where we live, a place of residence." However, this is a better definition for a house, while home is what's on the inside. If you don't have family, you don't have home. Feelings of fear and troublesome problems are mainly dealt with in the home. I feel protected from unknown things in the world because home is familiar to me. A home is not just a house; it is more than a place. A house is just a shelter where you live but don't necessarily love it. Home is where you love to live because you have your belongings in it, your toys that you grown up with, childhood memories, and many more.
The above examples are only a general look at what home means. In order to really get a look at home, one must dive deeper into examples of the meaning of the word home. When I think of home, the image of solitude and constant movement resonates in my mind. Nothing is ever still. The first image of home in my mind is sitting.
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