Essay on Definition Of Ethics Of Happiness

Essay on Definition Of Ethics Of Happiness

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*Try starting with a different sentence as most of your paragraphs start this way* Definition of ethics of happiness say suffering is to be overcome we all need to have a little suffering, good marriage life has both, preferably more happiness then suffering with our*Not sure if incorrect but I would use the* person we chose to spend our life with till death do us part. But what happens to happiness when marriage is not between two consenting adults? I mean for example say a man say over 30 marries a girl under 18, is she allowed to make a happy choice on her own? I don’t think so I believe she is under a false happiness*Sentence* it is for the wrong reasons because she cannot make a happy*Use different term* decision at the young age of being under 18 years old. *Wouldn’t start with that for this sentence*Say a man marries a 10 or 14 year old man*Boy* that is not right and wrong on so many levels and for reasons.*what reasons?* At that young age she*Was boy in last sentence is now girl* doesn’t know or understand what she is getting in to much less what she is doing?*period* She is too young to understand what it is to be a wife and too young to be a wife in a sexual relationship. They don’t understand what comes with marriage no matter how much they are told or taught at that age. Girls that young don’t really know what love is either. By the older man telling her that he loves her then he is giving her a sense of false happiness.*Incomplete sentence* Of course in these instances the young girls may have never had a man actually care about or tell her thee things before or never had a father figure in her life so her husband telling her these things makes it seems ok*okay* and tight . Girls who don’t have a stable fathe...

... middle of paper ...*Awkward* in it is changing what I was taught is changing from what my parents grew up being taught to what I am teaching my kids. We have to learn to take it all in and create our own opinions and respect others*’* opinions to. Marriage is and should always be treated as a beautiful and spiritual thing that we all want at some point in our lives and with whom we chose. I believe that marriage should be for a man or women of age 18 or over be it opposite sex or same sex and it is human beings. It is the choice of the people who are in love and getting arrived. Marriage is a joyous occasion and we all deserve to do it but*Comma* again only to humans not animals*Double comma* and not to more than one person at a time. Respecting each other and the family values in your marriage will help you have a wonderful marriage if you choose you*your* mate correctly.

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