Essay Definition Of Divorce And Divorce

Essay Definition Of Divorce And Divorce

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Definition of Divorce
A divorce is a legal proceeding in a court of law terminating the marriage between two parties. One party must file a complaint or a petition for divorce selecting either a fault or no fault divorce that must be proven in a court of law (US Legal, 2001). According to R. H. Woody (2009), a divorce is dissolution of marriage that can inflict positive and negative conditions of families.
Causes of Divorce
R. H. Woody (2009) stated that some of the causes of divorce are education, employment, religion, ethnicity, age, economics, children, alcohol, and stress. Other top causes include getting married at a young age, low income, and race, having been raped, parents that are divorced, poor communication, and current work status (R.H. Woody, 2009). Gregg Herman (2013) stated that most causes for the divorce cases that he has handled were domestic violence, alcoholism, substance abuse, and financial hardship. The people that filed for divorce were mainly people with above average socio-economic status.
The most common cause for divorce is incompatibility and this is surprising because you would think that people marry for partially that reason. Sometimes personalities clash and sometimes when people change it is for the good, the bad, or neither of the two. Sometimes couples just cannot deal with each other’s personality. This can lead to infidelity in the marriage. It is best not to cheat on your spouse but try to make it work and if not go ahead and file for divorce then move on before getting involved with someone else. Infidelity is the most common symptom for a marriage that is failing and we really should evaluate the relationship before causing any added damages to the marriage (Gregg H., 2013).
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...ish a solid foundation and truly get to know their companion prior to any marriage proposal or ceremony. If the thought process and mentality would change to a more positive approach versus a selfish approach when entering a relationship, the divorce rate could be modified to a downward swing in the overall percentage of our population’s marriages resulting in divorce. More religious engagement is needed to assist with our steady rising divorce rates and place more focus on getting to know one another. Children play a critical role before marriage and after marriage and more emphasis should be placed on supporting the children and eliminating segregated parenting. A marriage is a sacred union of two individuals before witnesses and God in which the couples should go above and beyond to make it work sustain their marriages versus throwing in the towel too fast.

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