Definition Essay - Self Perception

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Self-Perception 1. Define one change you would like to make to your self-perception (how you think about yourself). It might be a behavior, a self-fulfilling prophecy, or anything about yourself you would like to alter related to how you think about the person you are. In my opinion my biggest flaw is the over analyzation that occurs anytime I am presented with an obstacle or event in my life. By nature I worry about any and everything. This does not just pertain to the hours I am awake. Even in my sleep I dream about situations that I could have done differently, or the varying events that could occur if I make a decision that is opposite of what I had already decided to do. The effect of this is exhausting. I realize that changing this is difficult, but if I do not attempt to make changes to this situation, the lack of sleep and anxiety are going to take a toll on my body in a negative capacity. 2. Where did you place your statement so you could see it every day? What statement did you use? Clearly write the change you want to make. Use strong, affirmative language to motivate yo...
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