Definition And Description Of Telehealth Definition Essay

Definition And Description Of Telehealth Definition Essay

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Telehealth definition according to our textbook by Hebda, T., & Czar, P., 2013 is the use of telecommunications technologies and electronic information to exchange healthcare information and to provide and support services such as long-distance clinical healthcare to clients. It provides health care to patients that may not be able to have access to care. Telehealth requires a patient to have electronic tools to facilitate this type of service. Electronic tools can be a telephone, computer, or a video camera. The patient is able to call or enable video conferencing to have access to their health care provider. Telehealth allows the patient to have access to preventative care and education on their disease process and how to manage it at home. One of the major barriers in health care is location. Patients who live in rural areas require long drives into town to see a health care provider. This costs them time and money to leave home for a fifteen minute visit. All the information they could possible need cannot be covered in such a small time frame. This is where telehealth comes into play for this patient population. The barrier this populations faces is the cost of electronic equipment and the capability of the equipment to work in rural areas that might not have satellite capability.
Telenursing is the term used to provide nursing care using information technology and telecommunications (Hebda, T., & Czar, P., 2013). Nurses most often use the telephone as a means for communication with patients. They can triage calls according to priority, make follow up calls post operatively, and monitor vital sings. Also nurses are the first person a patient speaks with about their disease management. Nurses connect the gap between patient...

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...nurse I can give more attention to my patients needs and I can accurately assess a change in their condition. I would only be interested in telenursing if I could visually see my patients. I feel that my personality and empathy radiates from within and patients can feel a sense of connection with me.

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