Essay on Definition And Definition Of Programming

Essay on Definition And Definition Of Programming

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This assignment will

- Explain and define programming.

- Tell why, with an Essay, I chose “Computer Programming” as this assignment topic.

- Demonstrate APA style usage. While tapping information from 3 sources.

- Conclude.

- Reference where I got the information from.


This assignment is written with the aid of a Computer. The name itself “Compute” plus “r”. Meaning something that computes. “Compute” is the action of doing or executing instructions with the aid of a “medium”. This action can be called “programming”.

Ø Computer is the medium in this case.

Ø “Programming”, which is action that the Computer does, in the case.

Like nounally defined Computer:

“a programmable electronic device designed to accept data, perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed, and display the results of these operations.” (

It also defines Programming as:

“the act or process of planning or writing a program.” (


I love Computer Programming. Today, I own a Private Limited Company “O’HWAYS LTD” in the United Kingdom. It is a very small company comprising of the Director, Secretory, Accountant and some work at home part-time workers. Its primary activity is in the Information Technology (IT) sector.

The activities of this Company is carried out mostly by Computer Programming. I am sure you now understand why I chose “Computer Programming” as this assignment topic.

Please allow me to literally demonstrate with examples some basics of Computer Programming (CP).

If, for instance, I want to be notified every 30 minutes about who, from my workers, visited ...

... middle of paper ...

... consummate professionals, skilled at building customer relations, they are in high demand.(Fareed Siddiqui, Dec 24, 2014).

I love Computer Programming, I am here by the UoPeople to be enhanced, be recognized and to get a Degree on it as Computer Science graduate.

Like the UoPeople will put it.

The online CSC offers UoPeople computer science students with an online career building and exploration resource that is accessible during and after their studies. It suits all computer science students, whether the student has extensive work experience, is just entering the work force, or is making a career change. The career service center has all the tools to succeed in a computer science career.(UoPeople, CSC).


Computer programming is amazing. It is one of the tools required in compromising this current world technological sustenance.

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