Defining Your Value System: What You Hold To Be Right and True Essay

Defining Your Value System: What You Hold To Be Right and True Essay

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Defining Your Value System: What You Hold To Be Right and True
A value system is a rational set of morals brought up by an organization, society, or an individual as a norm of guidance towards their behaviors (Hebel, 1998). Almost all the time, people depend on these fundamental principles on what is wrong and right. Whether one is aware of it or not, different sets of personal core values vary upon each person. Such values include integrity, authenticity, compassion, courage, and truthfulness to name a few. Your values define who you are. At times, there is a huge gap between how people become aware of their values and the way they live their lives. We can overcome our most difficult beliefs, habits, and challenges by setting them aside and replacing them with the true values that conform to our lives. Anything that is considered destructive or jeopardizing towards our development professionally and personally should be put aside (“How Values,” n.d.). Understanding our core values doesn’t just simply give us direction and guidance towards living a purposeful life, but it gives us sentimental fulfillment and happiness while at the same time bettering ourselves to become better people.
The development of our value systems are traced back from the following sources such as genetics, culture, and natural law. Genetics is the processing of children inheriting traits from their parents. Significantly, a huge part of our value system comes from genetic determination (Mueller & Grodin, 2013). A part of our value system can be changed due to the role of environmental factor genes. Half of our happiness is believed to be genetically determined. As for the other half, according to studies, isolated events that happened in our lifetime ...

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