The Defining Theme Of Our Age Essay

The Defining Theme Of Our Age Essay

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The Defining Theme of Our Age

How do you think history will record the 21st century? What do you think the theme of 21st century will be?

“Throughout human history, different periods have been captured by a defining theme: the Dark Ages… the Industrial Age… the Nuclear Age… the Information Age… the Space Age, etc. One may feel it is too early to determine the theme of what is still a new century [but there are many] possibilities: The age of connections? Rebirth of faith? Age of the internet? Gender equality? Human trafficking? WW III? Artificial intelligence? Genetics? Spiritual revolution? Secularism? Values? Ethics? …” There are still eighty five years to find out new events that can completely change the themes of the 21st century. So far, one noticeable theme for this century is the Age of Technology, but if the world continues as it is now, history will record the 21st century as the Age of Shame!

The first year of the 21st century, technology was present with the release of the first Apple’s iPod. The iPod transform the way people listened to music. It was a small portable music player that was able to hold over one thousand songs without the need to carry CD’s or cassette tapes. It was a big deal for music lovers because it was like saying that they were carrying one thousand songs in their packets. Today, in the year of 2015, I dare to say that iPod’s are in the past. The new technology in touch screen cell phones like Samsung Galaxy S6 and IPhone 6S are more capable of doing much more than just simply texting or calling. As the years past, cell phones are now use to listen to music, take pictures, videos, browse the internet, video calling, mobile payments, and many more features. Technology is changing the way we ...

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...ld II and has reach millions of people but after 75 years nothing has really changed. On the other hand, we still have 85 years left to change the theme of the 21st century. What are we going to do about it? All start with you. Yes! Because without a penny there is not a dollar. What I am trying to say is that every action counts. It will take time but we have time. Lets take time to plant a tree, clean our planet and, save water. Lets history record our century as the Age of Change. Where the technology like electric cars will help reduce environmental pollution. Instead of testing nuclear weapons to be prepare for a war, let’s fight for poverty. Lastly, I strongly believe that with kindness, faith, respect, education, and love to each other we can stop this world of violence. lets starting taking action and lets “change the course of history before it’s too late!”

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