Defining the Visual Context: Description of Computer Images in a Middle School Technology Class

Defining the Visual Context: Description of Computer Images in a Middle School Technology Class

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This justification paper is for the graphics and associated lessons created for the Unit of Instruction for EdTech Dr. Smith. The paper will explore the process for creating each of the visuals for the unit, rationale for the modifications recommended by the instructor and peers in the course, a discussion of the standards incorporated, and a professional biography.
Defining the Visual Context
The Unit of Instruction is designed for a middle school technology class at Regis Middle School in Eau Claire, WI. Specifically 8th grade students who range in age from 13 to 14 years old. The technology class is a requirement at the school for one trimester in each middle school grade six, seven, and eight. Each class period is 42 minutes and the number of class periods will vary depending on the content of the lesson. The class is evenly distributed along gender lines. The learners have a general idea about how computers work, having studied individual computer parts in prior classes. They also have a sense of how the individual parts work together to make the computer operate. The Unit o...

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