Defining the Conception on God Essay

Defining the Conception on God Essay

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What must be factual for anything to be factual, what must exist for anything to be in existence? For Spinoza, before you can fully comprehend Ethics you have to be familiar with metaphysics. Metaphysic concerns itself with the fundamental principles that characterize all; metaphysic is the ground from which everything comes from. This is the rationale for why he initiates Ethics with God and nature as an entirety before he ever begins to converse on the human mind. Spinoza was anti-religious in his stance; he did not articulate of a God on a theological or religious aspect but as a metaphysic aspect on the nature of reality. Spinoza concurs with the religious conception that there is in reality an intimate relationship between man and God but not by the Christian notion on the relationship, his ideas on this connection is very diverse from those views of Christians. Spinoza believed nature to be one and god to be one. This is to pronounce that the mind and body are equally truthful and human nature is actually one in itself. This consideration demonstrates that man is united to God in Spinoza’s observation. Spinoza uses the geometrical method to help those understand God and human nature, he knew one would have to follow the natural order of entities because before one can fully comprehend human nature, they have to be aware of the basic truth of the nature of reality as a whole.
To truly understand God and the order of nature you must first establish an understanding of the universal laws of nature, Spinoza use of the geometrical method helps do just that. The geometrical method is very logically and is used to recognize the basic truths of nature from the start and the laws that govern thought and extension, this being all th...

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...ruly desires is one free. The power of God itself which is in all of us in some sense a lesser or greater degree. This is also to say that existence just doesn’t happen to exist, it necessary because it is infinite and eternal. Existence is what has to exist for anything to exist, so if anything exists than is in fact God who exists.
With the use of the geometrical method, Spinoza is able to identify and make the conception of God intelligible to one. Giving one the ability to understand God and the human nature so that one can fully understand Ethics by this method. Since one cannot fully comprehend human nature until they are aware of the basic truth of the nature of reality. For the human mind to have the basic substance to understand oneself including nature and God, by thought and extension, showing that every mind is in fact capable of understanding God.

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