Essay on Defining Religion : Writing Assignment 1

Essay on Defining Religion : Writing Assignment 1

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Defining “Religion” Writing Assignment 1

In attempts to define religion, one will quickly realize that religion is not something that can be easily defined. The most apparent reason that religion is hard to define is that the term “religion” can mean something entirely different to each person. For some, religion is thought to be “imagined by humans”; those who believe this theory feel that “only the material world exists” (Fisher, pg. 3). Religion can also be viewed as a way to manipulate others or as a way to hold society together (Fisher, pg. 4). This creates a problem in defining religion because almost everyone on Earth has already been influenced in some way by at least one religion, even if they are not an active participant in said religion. Both Fisher and Pals seem to agree that being predisposed to any religious beliefs hinders the pursuit to define religion (Fisher, pg. 2; Pals, pg. 4). Pals further states that most of the major theories of religion have been distorted, causing debates that contain very little unadulterated ideas (pg. 11). It is also difficult to define...

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