Defining Personal Responsibility and Exploring My Own Responsibilities Essay example

Defining Personal Responsibility and Exploring My Own Responsibilities Essay example

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What is personal responsibility? Some examples people would probably come up with would be these: working, chores, taking care of your family and some might even say going to school and getting a better education. The definition of personal responsibility is: the obligation to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion. With responsibility goes authority to direct and take the necessary action to ensure success. ("DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms"). Personal responsibility to me is taking ownership of the things that will affect us in anyway, whether it is in the long run or short term. If we do not take ownership of the situations around us we will be consumed by duties and assignments which at that point become a task and no longer just a responsibility. College is a personal responsibility to us all. In order to take control of our lives and have the options we desire, college is the avenue most of us will have to take. Successfully completing our studies and obtaining the highest level of education possible will open the doors to providing for those we care most about in our lives. It will allow us to live our dreams by having options to choose from, which is why we worked so hard and decided to go to school. According to "10 Incredibly Successful People Who Went To Community College" (2012), “Nolan D. Archibald who is the CEO and Chairman of Board of the Black & Decker Corporation, was once one of the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 Company and has been celebrated by the American Marketing Association, Business week and Fortune as one of the most successful and ‘most wanted’ business executives in the country…Archibald graduated from Dixie Junior College” (7). The point is, it doesn’t m...

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...e to use in any given situation.

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