Defining Patient Safety And Quality Care Essays

Defining Patient Safety And Quality Care Essays

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Dr. Williams and Class,
In article one, the name of the chapter is “Defining Patient Safety and Quality Care” and the URL is
The benefit of article one is to find a true definition of what is meant by quality care. In history, various people in health care had their own ideology of what was meant by quality. This is also a broad concept because what a person sees as quality, another person might think otherwise. According to (ANA, 2015, p. 89) defines quality as “the degree to which health services for patients, families, groups, and communities, or populations increase the likelihood of desired outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge.” The fact that the patient entire family dynamics are included in this definition this will assist the nurse to gain a comprehensive picture of how to deliver safe, high quality care. Leading the 21st century, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) believes that “quality care is safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.” Today, with all the complexities and chronic illnesses, we need all the above terminologies to incorporate in our daily practice to care for this diverse population.
Our Cardiac Intensive Care unit (CICU) has the most Code blues throughout the entire hospital, and when I help to save that individual’s life the family is elated. Personally, respect and dignity while caring for the individual, regardless of color, race, age, creed or socioeconomic status is how I would define quality. On the other hand, patient safety is even a bigger concern because patients’ entrusted nurses with their lives. The section of this arti...

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...alone, but now failed and merge with a bigger health corporation. Needless to say, they are also lagging behind in home care and the construction of multiple clinics, at a time when change is geared towards health care in the safety of patient’s homes. Another challenge to change was when we first implemented the EPIC systems, the physicians fought hard and some protested the change, but stakeholders, leaders and managers stood their ground. Now, they all embrace it with open arms; nobody likes change because people are set in their ways. Finally, the article had mentioned numerous ways that we can overcome and implement these challenges to change. This challenge to change is not of the swift, but is for those of us who are going to consistently demonstrate endurance and flexibility.
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