Defining Laws, Principles And Norms Essay example

Defining Laws, Principles And Norms Essay example

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Defining laws, principles and norms which are considered benefited for people makes public policy education and career the best and applicable field for me to pursue my higher education studies. Being born in a country like Pakistan, I consider myself more administrative towards this field. It is because of the economic, political and cultural reforms, as well as the diversified marketization. For me Public Policy education is the best way to struggle to change the reality of the time and this change not only remains to a particular group of people but it can be bought on a huge level.
Talking about myself, I from a very early age have a keen interest in policy decision. I have always found myself enthusiastic around those debates and discussions where I can examine and explore such economic and political policies by which we can bring a huge change and hence can benefit the public in return. I believe that this revolutionary era has been changed dramatically, and this change has bought new forms of cultures, traditions, economic stability and political pressure in its way. Nowadays, people think from a very different perspective and they are now capable of fighting back for their rights and decisions which makes public policy a tough but an interesting field of study.
Completing my Bachelors in Bahria University Karachi in the field of Social Sciences (Majors Journalism), I came across many different and diversified perspectives of political, economic, cultural as well as traditional change of societies and communities. During the term of my studies, both my theory and practical work was mainly focused on the print media journalistic attributes, where I chose writing as a serious passion of mine. These studies made me focused...

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... work as a Public Affair Officer, as well as a freelance journalist and an editor who through her writing can very well explain the above mentioned scenario and can bring vast changes in the society which in future can benefit the state and its citizens. Through my career and expertise, I want to bring a change within the world, societies and communities for better and carrying my expertise in this particular career line; I think I can enforce this change. I aim to be vigilant in securing these opportunities for success. I envision the opportunity of admission at your university the most efficient way to bridge the gap between myself and my ambition. I wish to be an achiever and a valedictorian, and hence I assure you full dedication up to the best of my ability. I would be extremely grateful, if you consider my candidature favorably for admission in your university.

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