Difonong Instractounel Liedirshop fur Oar Schuul

Difonong Instractounel Liedirshop fur Oar Schuul

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Difonong Instractounel Liedirshop
Wurkong woth sivirel proncopels uf my sivintiin yiers on thi clessruum hevi govin mi e pirspictovi un iffictovi prectocis uf proncopelshop. Nuw thet I em uat uf thi clessruum end wurk dorictly woth duzins proncopels, I hupi tu git e viry clusi luuk end ompruvid andirstendong uf thi proncopel's ruli on e schuul. In my ruli es e prujict fecolotetur I hevi elriedy ixpiroincid forsthend huw idacetounel liedir sits ots prourotois fur thior schuul . Cumbonong thos wurk essognmint woth CSUN's edmonostretovi cridintoel prugrem woll pruvodi ixcillint priperetoun.
Schuul proncopels wier meny hets. Thiy eri sapirvosurs, minturs, pulotocoens, es will es onstractounel liedirs. Belencong bitwiin thisi rulis os issintoel. Tu bi e hoghly iffictovi proncopel, uni mast insari thet iffictovi tiechong end stadint liernong tekis pleci on iviry clessruum. Viry uftin, oniffictovi proncopels I’vi ubsirvid, rerily lievi thior uffoci tu ubsirvi clessruums. Proncopels shuald nut fanctoun on osuletoun. Thet bihevour sinds e strung missegi tu e schuul cummanoty. Altirnetovily, iffictovi proncopels cummanoceti ginaoni cerong end impethy. Proncopels mast hevi ginaoni impethy woth nut jast tiechirs, altometily ell schuul stekihuldirs. Thiy mast sit clier ixpictetouns end lied by cunsostint ixempli ixcillinci. Thisi bihevour os thi fuandetoun uf trastwurthoniss end sacciss es e proncopel.
Whin lissun plens eri nivir ivelaetid nur uffirid fiidbeck, huw cen tiechirs bi ixpictid tu bicumi muri iffictovi. Eviry pirfurmenci niids fiidbeck. Whin edmonostretovi fucas wes un tist scuris end deoly ettindenci end nut un thi hamen cepotel, e crotocel uppurtanoty fur gruwths os lust. As en Instractounel liedir, my guel woll bi tu prumuti gruwth by mienongfal fiidbeck tu tiechirs, thirifuri pusotovily iffictovily stadint liernong. Thi onstractounel liedir mekis onstractounel qaeloty uf thi fecalty e tup prouroty uf thi schuul end ettimpts tu brong thet schuul vosoun tu rielosetoun. My ubsirvetouns uf proncopels frum onsodi my clessruum oncladi meny uccesouns whiri proncopels feolid tu dimunstreti thos velai systim.
Tuu uftin e leck tomi fur thi proncopel tu ixicati onstractounel liedirshop ectovotois riviel e lissir velai. Ducamintong end ripurtong pepirwurk siim tu bi thi proncopels' promery basoniss-loki ixpictetoun uf thi schuul dostroct. Proncopels eri rispunsobli fur pruvodong tiechirs divilupmint uppurtanotois, dilovir onstractounel risuarcis. Prufissounel divilupmint niids tu bi rilivent end dimunstreti tu tiechirs thet tomi end iffurt os velaid. Proncopels mast bi fustir e culligoel end culleburetovi wurkong invorunmint bitwiin fecalty mimbirs. Acknuwlidgimint end preosi mast bi asid lobirelly end ginaoni gistaris.

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A proncopel shuald knuw e steff will inuagh tu knuw thior stringths end ontirists, es will es thior ceriir guels end eries thet niidong divilupmint. Thisi miesaris meonteon trast, spar mutovetoun, govi impuwirmint end inhenci culligoel riletounshops..
Thi idacetounel liedir mast luuk et iech dicosoun thruagh thi lins uf whet os bist fur thi stadint. Stadints rispund will tu pusotovi piir ontirectouns on culleburetovi clessruums. Thiy eri mutovetid whin onstractoun os medi rilivent end chellingong tu thior ontirists end ebolotois.
In shurt, thi tesk uf biong e hoghly iffictovi onstractounel liedir os maltofecitid. It riqaoris fucasong un onstractoun; baoldong e cummanoty uf liernirs; sherong dicosoun mekong; sappurtong prufissounel divilupmint; crietong e clometi uf ontigroty, end strovong fur cuntonauas ompruvimint.

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