Defining Identity And Its Effects On The Lives Of The Victims Essay example

Defining Identity And Its Effects On The Lives Of The Victims Essay example

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At one point or another in life, everybody has asked himself or herself “ who am I, and what I am to other people”? It’s not an easy question to answer because everyone in the world identifies himself or herself in a different manner; personality, religion, names, and sexual orientation, and fashion are some of the factors most used in today’s society. The way we perceive ourselves may change over time as life experiences wither away at one’s soul. Traumatic events, such as, domestic violence, sexual assaults, and the loss of a loved one, take a negative effect on the lives of the victims, which in some cases, causes a complete change in identity. Identity is such a small word, but it holds a great significance in a person’s life. Most people believe who someone is, is completely up to each individual person. But, what if a person is under the hands of oppression, and violence dictated his or her ever day life? Under a violent situation where the assailant is in frequent contact with the victim, the person trying to belittle their self-esteem is successful more than 60% of the time; thus, causing the assailant to control his victim’s identity, and the only way to regain one’s identity is to break free from the chains of oppression and say goodbye to violence.
Human beings are possessive people; the feeling of “its mine” is often looming in one’s thoughts. But, certain individuals take the feelings to far and begin to feel entitled to control another human—claiming them as his or hers property. A prime example is slavery. In the early
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1600’s slavery was introduced to American and soon having a slave became the norm; to oppress another human being and make them feel insignificant was acceptable. In return, the slaves ...

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...bness but a necessary coping skill. Losing a sister to addiction, HIV, or violence isn 't an if among these women, but rather who and when.
One argument that comes up with the LGBT community is “ well they deserve it for being different” If that were the case, ever single person would be singles out for being “different”. By now, it should be common sense that everyone is different, that is what makes each individual person special.
Every person goes though an identity transformation; it’s inevitable. Whether the transformation happens in a subtle manner, or in an unexpected face palm, coping with the change is crucial. Not every person will agree with the changes done upon oneself, and that is where the drama- soon to be violence- escalates. The inability to except another human as equal, rather than inferior will be the downfall.

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