Defining Holism For The Elderly Population Essay

Defining Holism For The Elderly Population Essay

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Defining Holism for the Elderly Population
Lisa Hartman, Kimberlee Mobley, Rachel Selvaggi, Nicole Varney
Sentara College of Health Sciences
Defining Holism for the Elderly Population
The elderly population has specific needs and challenges regarding care that are specialized based on the individual. Individualizing care consists of assessing client factors related to their needs, conditions, and situation (Brooks, 2011, p. 6) Meeting those needs is best done by integrating the biological, phycological, social, and spiritual dimensions of a person “recognizing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” (Halter, 2014, p. 640). The specialty practice of holistic nursing incorporates “nursing knowledge, theories, expertise and intuition to guide nurses in becoming therapeutic partners with people in their care” (Thornton, 2015). This holistic gerontological nursing approach creates an interconnected plan addressing the mind, body, and spirit for the unique individual to identify “patient needs related to health promotion and health challenges” balancing healing in order to preserve self-care (Eliopoulos, 2014, p. 89).
Meeting the Needs of the Elderly Population
Assessment identifies challenges to the individual’s self-care. A nursing diagnosis addresses the response to illness and develops a care plan to include goals and interventions. The plan considers individual diversity by “health status, cultural background, lifestyle, living arrangement, socioeconomic status, and other variables” (Eliopoulos, 2014, p. 74).
Physiological Needs
The essential life sustaining needs, such as breathing, circulation, nutrition, hydration, and elimination, are the nurse’s priority to maintain physiological balance (Elio...

... middle of paper ... healing in the holistic plan of care.
The geriatric holistic assessment improves quality of life by addressing the condition of the physical, psychological, and social statuses collectively since they are intertwined where one has impact on another. As the older population faces physical, emotional, and environmental changes, holistic gerontological nursing incorporates theoretical knowledge, multifaceted assessment techniques, and available resources facilitate a realistic understanding and move toward maximizing the client’s control in decision making relating to their health. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory assumes “humans are active rather than passive participants striving for self-actualization” and nurses have the ability to form personal relationships with patients to foster an active role throughout their golden years (Halter, 2014, p. 31).

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