Defining Different Networks and Internet Websites Essay

Defining Different Networks and Internet Websites Essay

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Networks/ Internet Paper
This paper will be defining a network and discusses different types of networks such as LAN and WANs. This also be telling the common internet use like why we use it so much in are life’s this paper will tell how to connect to the internet and telling and be telling the different types of internet websites.
A network is a collection of computers and devices connected, often wirelessly, Vi communications devices and transmission media. When a computer connects to a network, it is online. Networks allow users to share resources, such as hardware, software, data, and information. Sharing resources saves time and money. For example instead of purchasing one printer for every computer in a company, the firm can connect a signal printer and all computers via a network; the network enables all of the computers to access the same printer. (Gary B. Shelly). So basically when you’re on the internet it’s a big sharing place on one network and you can connect to thousands of different devices and you can be on one network instead of having multiple networks.
A (LAN) is a local network so it’s not worldwide more personal so you would find (LAN) in homes, school, and small offices. Only let down about having (LAN) network you are limit geographical areas. A (WLAN) is a wireless LAN that’s means its Wi-Fi you don’t need to have devices any hardwires connected so it’s just like Bluetooth on your phone it’s pretty much in open space that you can connect too. (PAN) is a personal network area these is the common one at home there use for communication among computer communicating information giving devices. For example like personal computers, fax machines, printers and video games. (Enggpida) Another network is (SAN) whi...

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... an educational system .edu, and the military .mil. How to connect your computer to the internet just give your landline company a call and ask them or you can go through your cell phone company.

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