Defining Characteristics Of A Team Essay

Defining Characteristics Of A Team Essay

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1. The seven different defining characteristics of a team are: having a shared goal, shared responsibilities, defined membership, authority for taking action to achieve the goal, interdependency of members, absence of independent sub-groups, and accountability to the larger group. The one I want to take time to focus on is the second defining characteristic of teams, shared responsibility. This characteristic is all about team members sharing in the success that the team has achieved and will achieved. When the group is successful everyone is capable and should take credit for that success. In the same way when the group fails to meet standards or the goal then the whole group is considered to have failed. No one individual can say they were successful if the group was not. Personal success is determined by the group success. This holds true even though our roles are different. People are given different roles in order to organize and manage an effective plan an all roles are consider valuable and necessary for success.
2. Patients are the center of the healthcare team and as a result there are models that are designed to demonstrate this relationship between provider and patient. One of these models is known as partnership. This model is based on the principle that the patient and the provider work together to make a decision. In this relationship, there is not someone that is above the other or allowed to overrule and command the decision making process. Both play intricate roles in develop a health care plan. For example, if a patient is diagnosed with cancer the physician is able to present the possible options that the provider believes is in the best interest of the patient. This patient then is able to go home to considered...

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...rives creative thinking.
5. One of the major differences between conflict resolution and management is that resolution seeks to end the conflict while management seeks to make sure that the conflict is beneficial to the group. Conflict management is important tool in provoking stimulating thought and discussion. Conflict can be used to a productive manner and can be continuously stimulated to help people further discuss and implement new ideas. One of the key factors of conflict management is that it does not imply movement or push towards resolution. The use of conflict management is effective for medical team to get the best patient care. Often if conflict is not managed it results in decrease patient care and disunity witin the healthcare team. Managing conflict helps drive unity and stimulate the discussion so patient are always receiving the best care possible.

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