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I had never really considered the definition of assertive behavior, nor had I ever contemplated my own assertiveness level. I generally think of assertiveness more as a state of being, not really something that I need to strive for. After reviewing Module One and researching assertiveness and assertion training, I realize that I have not Dbeen realistic about what assertiveness entails. According to Beagrie (2006), “Many people confuse assertiveness with being bossy, overbearing or aggressive. Being assertive is simply the ability to stand up for yourself, state your views, tackle issues up-front and, in many cases, stop others from taking advantage” (p. 24). I can admit that up until now, I was one of those confused people. I have often viewed assertive people as somewhat bossy and overbearing. Even when I have needed to be assertive, I have felt that people may view me in a negative way . In reality, I now see that there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing how I feel as long as I continue to respect those around me.
I find the subject of assertiveness to be very interesting. Growing up, children are given so many rules and lessons. As little ones, we are bombarded with instructions on manners, conduct, and respect. So often we are taught how to treat others positively. However, parents and teachers often forget to teach their children about self respect. I do not believe that most kids are taught how to be assertive. Many adults become assertive by watching this behavior exhibited by superiors and those around them. Others view non-assertive people and vow not to develop these traits. Coming from a military family, I was taught to speak when spoken to when we had company. Offering my opinions and speaking freely...

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...aught how to become assertive. This would not only increase the success of each individual, it would also positively affect the firm as well. Accomplished employees with long lasting careers will likely amplify the achievements of the corporation as a whole. Assertive employees are bound to create positive and constructive relationships with customers.

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