Defining Art And Artworlds By Stephen Davies Essay

Defining Art And Artworlds By Stephen Davies Essay

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In the article “Defining Art and Artworlds” by Stephen Davies from The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, published in fall 2015, informs the readers that “[m]any of the late twentieth-century definitions of art were prompted by the challenge of controversial avant-garde works.” There are many contributions to consider before identifying any specific work as a piece of art. Establishing what exactly qualifies an art-piece will develop further contributions to the artworld, whether it is because of the piece’s aesthetic, skill, genre, intention, or tradition. A definition suggests that something is art if it displays advanced skill-work to achieve significant beauty to the extent that it makes a vital contribution to its primary function, falls under a genre or form of identified art within an art tradition, or was intended by its certified maker to be art. There are flaws, these definitions allow the possibility of: something being art even if it falls outside all artworlds, a piece’s location can become sufficient for the piece to become art, or art being self-conscious. Artworlds are “different art traditions latched onto different prehistoric art cohorts…what makes them all artworlds is their origins in first art.” Artworlds become autonomous and can take many directions.
(1) The main idea of this article is that an adequate definition for “art” must be developed to accommodate the artworld’s efforts, since something can qualify as art in more than one way. The thesis argues that art is something that: shows the advance of skill and significant aesthetics that alternates its primary function, identifying function, falls under an art form or genre and recognized within an artistic tradition, and the maker does what is ne...

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(11) This is a positive article. It strives for a goal of developing an accurate definition of art and artworlds, and sets aside emotional influences. (12) There were many thing that I learned from this article; one being that ther is an enormous difference between an item being “beautifully functional,” when the item has a secondary aesthetic function that assists the primary function, to “functionally beautifully,” when the primary function is achieved and displays aesthetic quality. Another thing that I learned is, that the earliest artworks were created by people were started unintentionally (not possessing the concept of art). (13) There are some ways I would improve the article is by adding examples of more core art forms not just paintings and ceramics/sculptures. I would have included some images of actual artworks to give the readers a visual factor.

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