The Defense Of Mask By Kenneth Gergen Essay

The Defense Of Mask By Kenneth Gergen Essay

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“In Defense of Mask” by Kenneth Gergen, he states that it is “normal for a person to develop a firm and coherent sense of identity, and that it is good and healthy to do so and pathological not to (196).” So the idea of developing a “coherent sense of identity” makes us act a certain way to please the wish of others since we want to find an individual 's choice of mask based on their inward and outward sense of identity. As where “multiple identities” is extending on what they like to do, since any human receives different messages to show who they really are. Therefore, the “coherent identity” versus “multiple identities” is detrimental to many individuals when they are trying to perceive into someone that they wish to become. I agree with Gergen, because having a mask hides the identity of an individual as we get to learn more about ourselves. Everyone gets to experience change, we can’t just be consistent with a coherent identity but rather have multiple identities.
We observe individuals in the daily, but do we know their true colors? Masks gives us the opportunity to express o...

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