Essay about The Defense Mechanisms, And Psychosexual Stages

Essay about The Defense Mechanisms, And Psychosexual Stages

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What makes you unique? Is it your special shoes you just bought? Is it your ability to excel in school? Everyone is different based on their personality. Our personalities make us who we are. Psychoanalysis, Humanism, and Trait Personality are theories in psychology that help explain our behaviors. We can use these theories to explain why Alfonso is so mean at school. Even though each of these theories are different, we can put them together by using defense mechanisms, psychosexual stages, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-concept, surface and source traits, and the Big Five to understand Alfonso’s behavior.
Psychoanalysis explains Alfonso’s behavior using the defense mechanisms, and psychosexual stages. According to Freud, defense mechanisms are methods used to avoid recognizing ideas or emotions that may cause someone anxiety. Alfonso uses the defense mechanism displacement. Displacement is when someone directs an unwanted feeling towards a weaker person instead of the one who elicited the feeling. As said in the description about Alfonso, his father beats up his mother. This unwanted feeling Alfonso has can easily be the frustration he has with his father’s actions. He is angry that his mother is being beat up so Alfonso runs his mouth to his classmates at school. He is practically taking out his anger on them. This is exactly what the defense mechanism displacement focuses on. It gives us the reason behind Alfonso’s bad behaviors. Psychoanalysis also includes Freud’s theory about psychosexual stages. Freud said that children go through stages while growing up and if they do no successfully complete a stage there would be conflicts for them later in life. In the oral stage focuses on weaning the child. If weaning occurs too s...

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...ectly and explains why he acts a certain way because of his score. If he were to have a higher score he would be trusting and helpful, but unfortunately I can assume he is not by the description provided.
All personalities have reasons behind being different. There is always a reason to explain our actions. Psychoanalysis, Humanism, and Trait Personality theories help explain these differences each in a different way. Psychoanalysis explained that Alfonso uses a defense mechanism at school and did not complete the psychosexual stages. Humanism described that Alfonso did not meet his needs of love and belonging and his self-concept has not reached his full potential. And finally, Trait Personality clarified his surface and source traits and his low agreeableness score. Overall, Alfonso’s personality can be understood better after using these theories in psychology.

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