Essay about The Defenders Of The Minority

Essay about The Defenders Of The Minority

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Defenders of The Minority:
Simple yet Powerful Advertisements
If you take a look into the society we are thrown into, you’ll notice a lot of victims of
persecution and mockery. They are made fun of and labeled with degrading stereotypes based on
the color of their skin and their ethnic backgrounds. Racism is a common issue within our
present our social environment. Often times a handful of people want to create an awareness for
this matter, and what better way to get the word out to the public other than through making
advertisements? Ads are the simplest way to convey a message and is frequently used by famous
companies who are trying to get society’s attention. Examples of these kinds of companies
would be the Ohio University’s “Students Teaching Against Racism” organization, or “STARS”,
and the Australian Human Rights Commission. Both companies have made advertisement
campaigns to fight against racism. They are considered to be simple, yet powerful based on its
content and the use of the all too emotional pathos.
The “STARS” organization of the Ohio University, created an ad campaign called “We
Are a Culture, Not a Costume”. This organization was created by students who were moved by
the social issue of racism. In their attempt to start awareness for it they made this series of ads. It
was made with the intent of targeting the general public as an audience, without really excluding
anyone. In these ads are people of different groups of ethnic minorities, such as Asians,
Hispanics, and African Americans. A member of these small classes stands in the poster with a
photo that displays a mockery of their culture. For example, a Japanese girl holds a picture of a
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girl dressed as a geisha, but the only thing...

... middle of paper ... the ads are publicizing.
The tone of what they are saying needs to match the mood of the ad. The messages in the ads
discussed are perfect examples, they were strong and are capable of making sure the audiences
give some thought to it before they carry on with their lives after reading it. All this makes an
advertisement effective and over all successful in what they do. Create an awareness for social
issues like racism.
These two ads are powerful through its simplicity, which is good when advertising this sort
of topic. They are straight forward, it does not take much for its audience to grasp the
information they are trying to sell. More so, it is designed in a way to evoke the emotions of the
people who view them, which for these advertisements, is exactly what they were made to do.
Effectiveness is what makes the both of these ads successful.
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